September 2023 2D Featured Artist Sheryl Unwin

Sheryl Unwin is a native of Massachusetts and has been working with scratchboard for about 15 years. After graduating from the Art Institute of Boston in 1987, she began her career as a freelance illustrator, specializing in graphite pencil renderings with portraits of friends and celebrities. With a move to England in 1997 Unwin continued honing her craft. She exhibited at the start of the millennium at the Gosport Gallery, Gosport England, with her message of concern for the future of people, animals and the planet.

Relocating to Florida in 2005, she began focusing on scratchboard creations that have become her passion and trademark. In combining her art and love of wildlife, the detail that is portrayed in scratchboard has given her not only accolades from the public, but a renewed sense of purpose in life and career outlook. “I’ve also returned to creating with colored pencil, which has elevated my illustration artwork,” she said. “The beauty of Florida living, that only the Gulf Coast can give to you each day, has never stopped my passion to draw and illustrate the subjects that I love to concentrate on: culture, wildlife and pet portraiture.”






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