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Jewelry- One of a Kind, Sterling and 18K Gemstone Designs

Art Jeweler (A jeweler who creates art)

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Bev Fox
By definition, I design each piece of jewelry and hand create it. Most of my work is made from Sterling silver, but I sometimes use or add 18K gold. The process starts with a drawing and once I begin to make the piece, the design may changes slightly. Stones add color and interest to my designs and often they are my inspiration. When choosing stones, I look for pictures within, lovely color, unusual shape or a combination of these attributes. I love making cloisonné enameled jewelry as well as my traditional work. No matter what it is I'm making, I enjoy creating every day.

I am passionate about sharing techniques and my knowledge of this art form. I currently teach four classes at the Cape Coral Arts Studio weekly, two classes for beginners and two intermediate/advanced. I also teach workshops in several unique metal techniques locally and away. Private classes are available in my studio.

Business is a necessary part of being a creator. I choose to sell my jewelry in galleries rather than craft shows, because it allows me more time to create. I am very lucky to have found Harbour View Gallery, where I share ownership with very talented artist partners.

I own a US Patent. I call it the "Swivel Locking Clasp", but it is being marketed as the "Chameleon Clasp". This jewelry clasp is used on pendants and bracelets. It locks to prevent jewelry loss.

Originally from Maine, I moved to Florida in 1999 with my husband, Bruce. In the early 1980's, while working as a Production Engineer at L.L. Bean, I went to the Maine College of Art and studied Metal Arts. After moving to Florida, I continued to make jewelry on the side while working another corporate job. In 2002 it was time to go full time with my jewelry business and I have never looked back. It gives me a great deal of happiness to be able to share my unique designs with people who love them.



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