Lynne Rae Eaton - Associate Member

Throughout Lynne’s life, she has studied and mastered numerous art medias including stained/fused glass, jewelry and stone metal smithing, pen and ink, oil colors and acrylic.
Three of her books on design and instruction of stained and fused glass items were published and distributed throughout the US and Canada and internet.
In Wisconsin, she was associated with different art galleries selling various mediums of her artwork. Her recent move to Florida inspired her to create ocean type art.
Her continual search for unique art led her to develop Jelly Fish that are hand formed from acrylic using heat and manipulated into the shapes and assembled .
The “Bug” is created with fused glass bodies, wrapped in lead came; legs, antenna and wings are formed out of wire that is soldered to the came. The glass stand alone items are created using many layers of glass fused together, individually cut into shapes and fired again to polish the edges.


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