Sally Schmett - Managing Member

Sally Schmett, Pastel & Acrylic Artist
Last year, Sally Schmett with her husband Fred became permanent residents of Cape Coral, Florida. Until then Indiana had always been their home.
Although Sally’s life was spent solely there, it was an adventure of extremes- from the north and the shores of Lake Michigan to the furthest southern hills in the “boot” of Indiana. This environment always offered thought-provoking subjects for her art: steel mills, landscapes, waterscapes, and people.
Now as a Florida resident she sees life with a different lens. But Florida, like Indiana also offers thought-provoking subjects for her art: waterscapes, aquatic life and people. To the best of her ability Sally recreates these "snapshots" with chalk pastels and acrylic oils.
Both mediums can look classical or modern depending on the texture and depth applied to her pictures.
With both pastel and acrylic oil she also finds the variety of hues necessary for painting life's vibrant colors--especially Florida flora and fauna.
Sally Schmett’s paintings are often on panel. In combining both mediums with wood another dimension of texture is added.
Through experimentation with the type of  panel there can be a change in depth and realism. It is her goal that through her art she mirrors the simple beauty of life around us.
Sally Schmett has both a BS and MS in Education from Indiana University.
Her works have been selected for many juried art shows. The pastel artwork “Sweet Jenny” (steel mill), hangs in the Youngstown Historical Museum.


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