September 2020 2D Featured Artists Tonya Barnes & Lisa Gonzalez

T & L Photography was created by Southwest Florida photographers, Tonya Barnes and Lisa Gonzalez. It is a group dedicated to all related professionals, newbies, cell phone users, make-up artists, videographers and stylists. The vision for the group is to value photography and all that is related with the ability to share thoughts in a constructive manner. They value community over all else and strive to help everyone on their creative journey. Most importantly, they want to be able to laugh and create a fun community for its members.

The seven photographers and their works which were chosen to be in the exhibit are Brion McAuley’s “Pyre in the Shade,” Shane Antalick’s “Heaven,” Emma Davis’s “A Plant named Hercules,” Derek Minnix’s  “Siren” and Denise Pruett’s “Sunset on the Preserve”. The works that are shown are Andy Don’s “Stillness” and Courtney Garbow’s “Sunshine and Citrus”.



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