October 2022 3-D Featured Artist Bev Spano

Beverly Spana says, “My first rule of thumb comes from something I read that has stuck with me in my artistic endeavor and in life in general. That is ‘if you’re going to do something impulsive, don’t over-think it.’ Too much forethought definitely takes the fun out of being impulsive. When I begin a new piece, I generally don’t start with a vision of what the end result will be. Instead, I choose an item, pick my colors and go for it.”

Bev began her art over twenty years ago with no formal art training and is completely self-taught. Although she has garnered some informal instruction over the years, her inspiration has largely come from her association with other artists. One of the most important aspects of her painted glass is that it is dishwasher safe, making it easy to use as well as beautiful.




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