October 2020 3D Featured Artist Shannon Vickers

Cape Coral resident Shannon Vickers discovered lampwork on eBay. “I won an auction for a terrible set of glass beads,” she said. “They were misshapen, dirty, and improperly annealed, but I loved them!”

That purchase led Shannon to taking classes at the Cape Coral Art Center where she now teaches glass bead making. “Lampwork has a multitude of styles and techniques and each takes hours of practice,” she explained. “I am drawn to the challenge and precision of it.”  Her exploration of glass has created an eclectic body of work from whimsical beads to realistic sculpture.

Shannon’s work has been included in several issues of The Flow Magazine as well as the book, 1000 Beads, juried by Kristina Logan. When asked which achievement she is most proud of she quickly replies, “Beads in Space”.  In 2011, the children’s charity, Beads of Courage partnered with NASA to carry one pound of artist made beads on the last launch of the shuttle Endeavour. I was honored to be among the 20-plus artists that participated. It was an amazing experience with a stellar charity.”



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