May 2024 2-D Featured Artist Jacqueline Philp


Jacqueline Philp, “JAX” is originally from the Netherlands. After earning her BFA, she developed a career as an interior designer. Now, though, she has evolved into an artist. Although she’s worked in watercolor, oils and acrylic, she has now settled on mixed media and acrylic.

“Emotional energy is very much a part of my work,” she said. “My travels to other countries have flavored my work, and sometimes the paint takes me on an unexpected journey. I find the results are endless.”

Jacqueline uses multiple techniques including impressionism, abstract and renaissance which she incorporates into her work. One of her strengths is her large, dramatic and strong subjects, yet she can create subtle, soft delicate pieces, as well.

Her artistic goal is to capture an emotional level in her paintings that connects with people. She finds one of the ways she can do this is to incorporate faces in her artwork.

“Evolution of an artist is constant and enjoyable,” she concludes.



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