May 2022 3-D Featured Artist Martha Stevenson


Martha Stevenson’s artwork includes luminous, textured 3-D designs painted on Santorini stone and small paintings on canvas that reflect her signature cheerful, colorful style with “a little bit of funk added in” as she describes it. She has painted and experimented with different art media for most of her life. 

“I use brushes and palette knives and love to fearlessly experiment with mixing different media,” Martha explains. She likes testing the rules and often finds herself delighted with the results. She continues to learn by studying under nationally recognized artists. 

Her work has been featured in several galleries in Southwest Florida over the years, including the gallery in the Cape Coral Library. She has taught art classes for numerous organizations as well as at her own company, Good Enough to Hang. Currently, she is busy creating new art and teaching popular on-line art classes.



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