June 2018 3D Featured Artist Heather Rivera Cold Fusion Jewelry

Heather Rivera is a wire wrapping jewelry designer, specializing in hand-wrapped 14kt gold fill and sterling silver cold fusion, which connects metal and gem components without using heat.

Heather considers herself a wire-wrapping purist, which takes cold fusion a step further. In addition to using absolutely no heat, soldering, fabrication or smithing of any kind, she also makes cold connections without any glues or adhesives. In other words, every single piece is held fully in place by wire in its original form. She concedes that there might also be some blood, sweat and tears, but she tries not to discuss that in mixed company.

Heather’s designs are inspired by the remarkable uniqueness that exists in every individual and encourages her collectors to “Wear What You Are.” Her new collections thoroughly express this sentiment: The Vibrant Collection - Alive with Color, features fine cubic zirconia birthstones wrapped in Argentium sterling silver or 14kt gold fill; The Luminous Collection – Out of the Darkness, Light, features oxidized sterling silver inlaid with 14kt gold fill and spectacular lab-created opals; The Exuberant Collection – Filled with Joyful Energy, features bronzite blends of turquoise, lapis and malachite with Herkimer diamonds; The Stellar Collection - Sparkle in the Dark, features oxidized sterling silver with 14kt gold fill accents; and The Passionate Collection - Depth of Feeling, features rhodonite, black onyx and lava stones.

Heather is a Managing Member at Harbour View Gallery and is thrilled to have the opportunity to be a Featured Artist.

Heather’s work can be found at www.heatherriveradesigns.com.

Facebook: @HeatherRiveraDesigns

Heather Rivera Designs Cold Fusion Hand Wrapped Rhodonite, Lava Stones and Black Onyx in Sterling Silver and 14kt Gold Fill



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