May 2018 2D Featured Artist Jacqueline Philip

Jacqueline is originally from the Netherlands, attended two colleges and graduated with a degree in art. She studied with some of the best artists at the time, William "Bill" Rackocy, known for landscape and historical genre paintings, Chester Kwiecinski, teacher and freelance artist since 1988, and Chas Decker from Aylett, VA known for his sculpture and bold paintings to name a few.

Her background is in oil, and water color, however since she has begun painting again the last 2 years, acrylic is her medium of choice.

Jacqueline has been an interior designer since graduating college, and still practices. She tries to paint as often as possible. Jacqueline feels painting is a way to find her way home, thus the various subjects. To her, art is constantly searching.

Jacqueline Philip May 2018 2D Featured Artist Acrylic



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