March 2024 3-D Featured Artist Jan Butler


Jan Butler, who describes herself as a lifelong art medium sampler, started working in fused glass six years ago and found the one that stuck. “Fused glass is as much science as it is art, with a lot of excitement thrown in each time one opens the kiln,” she said. “There are so many techniques and so many types of glass that for someone who is willing to keep learning and experimenting, there is no end to the journey.”

Jan will be bringing art glass fish and flowers to the gallery this month. In addition, she will have a selection of “I used to be a shower door” bowls. A 2023-bathroom remodel left Jan with a perfectly good shower door that was a half inch too wide. She tried to donate it and found out that no one takes glass. She then remembered reading about artists who work in various types of float glass such as windshields, window and bottle glass and thought, “This door can be beautiful bowls!” Check them out during the show and let Jan know your thoughts about her shower door creations.



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