March 2022 2-D Featured Artist Barbara English

Barbara English, oil painter, has always enjoyed reading and making art. As a result of these pursuits, she earned a master’s degree in English and creating art was something she pursued by taking classes whenever she could fit them into her schedule as a busy wife, mother and volunteer. For the last nine years she has studied art nonstop, primarily with Frankie Johnson at Mainstreet Art in Chicago. She has also written art critiques and reviews.

Barbara also studied sculpture with Eric Blom and painting with many well-known artists. She constantly tries new ways to express her work and philosophy.

“My interest is in expressing a scene from nature at one moment in time,” said Barbara. “I want to create art that connects with the viewer on an emotional level. Through writing and painting I attempt to show my interpretation of a subject and convey it in a way that encourages appreciation of the day-to-day wonders that enhance our lives. Sometimes my subjects are humorous, sometimes serious, but always available for reflection if only we stop, look and think.”



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