March 2021 3-D Featured Artists Jeff and Dale Ocasio


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Jeff and Dale Ocasio collaborate on making sculpted and illustrative art. Both were raised in Tampa where they met, started their family and began a creative life together. North Fort Myers has now been their home for over 20 years.

“We have been refining our self-taught technique of using paper masking tape as a sculpting medium for more than a decade,” they said. “We’ve been honored to have our art awarded in juried shows and exhibited locally throughout Southwest Florida and in Chicago.”

Sculpting with paper masking tape over wire and reclaimed objects is where their artwork begins. They aim to express an imaginative, storybook spirit in their work. Each sculpture is encased with layers of acid-free glue. Color is added with more layers of acrylics and finally protected with varnish. A large part of their work is figurative sculpture where a world of made up quirky, imperfect characters are introduced to the viewer. They often hear people exclaim that they’ve never seen anything quite like their art. Words used to describe it have ranged from “happy” to “charmingly disturbing”.

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