June 2024 3- Featured Artist Kelly Williamson

Kelly Williamson’s skill in ceramic works is simply a result of many years of applied effort and practice. Her clay career began in 1996 when she took ceramics in high school. Throughout college at James Madison University in Virginia she earned a B.B.A. in Business Management and continued taking pottery classes at a local recreation center until she was accepted into JMU’s intermediate clay course in her senior year. Kelly says she spent more time in ceramics studios in college than she did working on her business degree.

After graduation, she moved to Fort Myers and discovered a working pottery shop on Sanibel Island where she completed a one-and-a-half-year apprenticeship fine-tuning her throwing skills, learning the disciplines of production pottery, and the business of managing a working pottery shop. After the apprenticeship, she worked full-time, taught evening pottery classes, and registered her own pottery business “Williamson Pottery” in 2006 so she could sell her work at local art festivals, shops, and galleries.

In 2015, Kelly became a full-time professional potter to give herself, her work, and her business opportunity to grow. Although she has been working from home in her garage studio, she is excited to be currently converting a brand-new backyard shed into an air-conditioned clay workshop. “I’m hopeful that the extra workspace will allow me to bring my work to more art festivals, shops, and galleries,” she said. Her pottery is primarily functional tableware inspired by coastal areas. “I’m thankful for the experiences and opportunities I’ve had and look forward to continuing to learn new techniques, develop new ideas, and bring enjoyment to my customer’s everyday life with my creations,” she concluded.



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