June 2023 3-D Featured Artist Shannon Vickers

Shannon Vickers is a member of the gallery and well-known for her beautiful Lampwork. Now a teacher at Cape Coral Art Center, she first discovered her love for glass work on eBay. “I won an auction for a set of glass beads,” she said. “Although they had been improperly annealed, I loved them! It was the purchase of those glass beads that led me to take lessons at the Cape Coral Art Center and start my own art career. I am drawn to the challenge and precision of creating beautiful works in glass.”

Shannon’s work has been included in several issues of The Flow Magazine as well as the book, 1000 Beads. She said one of the most thrilling events and the one she’s most proud of is “Beads in Space”. In 2011, Beads of Courage, a children’s charity, partnered with NASA to carry one pound of artist-made beads on the last launch of the shuttle, Endeavour. “I was honored to be among the 20-plus artists who were elected to participate,” she concluded. “It was an amazing experience with a stellar charity.”




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