June 2022 2-D Featured Artist Janice Pedersen

Janice Pedersen grew up in West Des Moines, Iowa and has been making art since the age of five. Her mother claims that since she could “hold scissors” she was constantly creating something. After attending a local art show she decided it was time for her to do something more, and began experimenting with many mixed forms of art.

“After participating in art shows and presenting in galleries throughout the Midwest for fourteen years, I decided it was time to move here where I felt my art would be better suited,” said Janice. “My husband and I moved to Florida in October of 2020. As an award-winning artist, I am hopeful that Florida and its visitors will appreciate the contemporary feel of my ocean art. I love that painting gives me a creative outlet and offers me a sense of peace.”

She first cuts the wood board to achieve the desired sizes. Next comes sanding and double coated primer. She mixes all her own paint utilizing her own paint pouring recipe which allows her to create the impression of water with depth and vibrancy not seen in traditional paint colors. She then coats the piece in high quality art resin spiked with a touch of super fine metallic flake. As the piece begins to cure, she adds the embellishments such as seashells, coral, fish and jewelry to ensure unique, one-of-a-kind originals.

“My goal as an artist is to provide each viewer a contemporary piece of art that allows their imagination to envision amazing, unique views of the ocean,” she concludes.



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