June 2021 3-D Featured Artist Bev Fox

Bev Fox is originally from Maine and moved to Florida in 1999 with her husband, Bruce. She attended the Maine College of Art and studied Metal Arts. In 2002 she decided to go full time with her jewelry business and hasn’t looked back.

“I design each piece of jewelry and hand create it. Most of my work is made from fine silver, but I sometimes use or add 18K gold,” said Bev, managing member of the gallery. “The process starts with a drawing and once I begin to make the piece, the design may change slightly.”

Stones add color and interest to her designs and often they are the source of her inspiration. When choosing stones, she looks for the pictures within, lovely color, unusual shape or a combination of these attributes. “I love making cloisonné enameled jewelry as well as my traditional work,” says Bev. “No matter what I'm making, I enjoy creating every day.”

She is passionate about sharing techniques and knowledge of this art form. She currently teaches classes at the Cape Coral Arts Center and the William Holland School in Georgia for all levels. She also teaches workshops, both locally and away, in several unique metal techniques. “It gives me a great deal of happiness to be able to share my unique designs with people who love them,” she concluded.



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