June 2021 2-D Featured Artist Faith Gaillot

Realism has always been important to Faith Gaillot, pen and ink artist. It has been said that her work is accurate down to the smallest crack in a single brick.

To help pay for her college tuition at the Community College of Southern Maryland in Leonardtown, she became an in-house artist for a Dodge Jeep dealership in Prince Frederick. “I drew 16 x 20 inch representations of various vehicles for the showroom,” she said. “I also designed the dealership’s Christmas card, which impressed the owner.”

Her college art professors appreciated her passion for detail and encouraged her to become a pen and ink artist. Using only a .05 Micron archival pen, she has developed her own method and has since added watercolor to her scope of work. She uses watercolor on many of her pen and ink drawings for subject matter where she wants to add extra detail. Although pen and ink is daunting to many, she found a way to conquer the challenges and has received many awards on her detailed work.

Along with teaching classes and donating her artwork for cancer research auctions, she has done design work for a travel agency and promotional material for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern Maryland. She is a member of the American Pen Women.



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