June 2020 3-D Featured Artist Rick Aliperti


Rick Aliperti hails from Long Island New York but moved to Cape Coral in 2005. His journey in clay began back in 1969 after he saw a program on American Indian pottery. In 1970, Rick took a few classes at a local pottery studio, purchased a kick wheel and kiln, and soon began producing pottery in his parents’ basement while attending college. During this time, Rick won
numerous awards while selling his pottery at craft fairs. He soon began teaching classes.In 1972, he took a position running after school programs focused on pottery. Starting in 1975 until retirement in 2019, Rick worked in sales, but continued to do pottery in his spare time. Today Rick and his wife, Margaret, run The Pottery Court from their house located adjacent to MaryJane’s Preserve, a Gopher-Tortoise preserve they own in Southwest Cape Coral.
Rick’s work spans a wide range of clayware, from burnished pit-fired blackware, sculptured whistles, tiles, and specialty plates and wheel thrown pots. He runs small personalized classes focused on pottery slabs creating platters and pots along with clay whistles. The Pottery Court can be followed on Facebook.



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