June 2019 3D Featured Artist Sandy O'Grady


Sandy O’Grady has been a current and permanent resident of Punta Gorda, Florida since 1999 and plans to stay.  I have lived in many other states but this is where I call home.

 I started experimenting with art when I retired in 2014 and began to explore my passion.  In August 2013 my German shepherd was bitten by a rattle snake.  I stayed home with her to nurse her through.  I needed to keep my hands busy and remembered I had taken a class in pine needle basketry.  I had pine trees in the yard and so it began.  I made several baskets for friends and family. 

 In 2014 I talked with an artist at Seagrape Gallery and applied to be a member.  I was accepted and in the first 12 months sold 40 baskets.  I started with the usual bases of nuts and agates, however, I have started creating my own pottery bases.  I also use shells and other local items.  I want my baskets to be original materials of SWFL as much as possible.  Each of my creations is unique and never duplicated.  I am currently displaying in two galleries in SWFL.

 I volunteer at Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary and often times use feathers that I find on the ground and even tiger whiskers that are found when we clean the enclosures.  Octagon gives materials to me to make my art unique so I give my proceeds back to them.  It’s all for the animals.




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