June 2018 2D Featured Artist Colleen Brazell

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Colleen Brazell Pet Portraiture Yellow Lab Acrylic

I graduated with a degree in Studio Art from UCDavis. My first business was painting on women’s clothing in the late 80’s and selling at Arts and Craft Fairs in the Southeast. In the 90’s, I took a stained glass class and began making lamp-work glass beads that I incorporated into glass jewelry designs.

In 2007, I took a corporate job at a Veterinary diagnostic company in sales. I sold companion animal (dog and cat), medical supplies to Veterinarians around the country. I enjoyed my 8 years in the animal health Industry, providing products to keep pets healthy.

Colleen Brazell Pet Portraiture

I started my pet portrait business with my first painting of my rescue dog, Gibby, she’s half Yorkie/Chichuahua and 5 lbs of pure love. She’s been my inspiration, with her expressive eyes and perky ears. I strive to capture the emotion in an animal’s eyes and mouth.

Colleen Brazell Pet Portraiture Rottweiler Acrylic

Animals have an unconditional love that is comforting to the human soul. When I’m commissioned to paint a passed away pets, I consider this an honor. Pets give so much love and emotional support to their owners, I look forward to presenting the owner with a portrait of a pet that has touched their lives.

Colleen Brazell Pet Portraiture acrylic paint

Currently I am a snowbird, splitting my time between Cape Coral, Fl and spending summer months in Portland, Maine.I paint with acrylics because of the quick drying properties, giving me the ability to layer colors for texture.

Colleen Brazell Pet Portraiture acrylic



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