July 2022 3-D Featured Artist Bev Fox

Bev Fox says she loves making jewelry and watching people appreciate her original designs. She is inspired by natural surface stones with their unusual patterns and colors, as well as unusual fossils. “Each stone has a story and is beautiful in its own way,” said Bev. “I travel to Tucson each year to find stones from around the world at the largest gem and jewelry show in the world. After 40 years of experience, I still create every day.”

She holds a US Patent for her unique swivel locking clasp which takes her several hours to create. She teaches all levels of silversmithing locally at the Cape Coral Art Center each week, and during the summer she teaches several weeks at the William Holland School in Young Harris, Georgia. “The Georgia classes are held in a retreat-like setting and are a wonderful way to make friends as we explore our creativity together,” Bev said.

When working at Harbour View Gallery she especially enjoys interacting with all the customers. Since about 70% are new to the gallery, she delights in telling them about the assortment of artists while explaining how their artwork is created. “All those who come back are considered ‘Friends of the Gallery’,” she concludes.



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