January 2021 3D Featured Artist Kay Evans (KoriAnn Designs)

Kay Evans 1

I started scrapbooking over 35 years ago when my husband was on deployment in the US Navy.  Scrapbooking was a way for me to take my mind off of his absence and became an outlet for me to express myself.  Back then, I hand cut all of my works, using a cuticle scissor and exacto knife. 

After my children were born, I created scrapbooks for them, including small pop-up figures.  From there, I made birthday invitations and holiday cards for my family and friends, each with a pop-up element. 

As my designs became more intricate and my technique more defined, I realized that I could make more cards with the help of a computer.  I now design my cards in a 3D CAD program, rent time on a high end, laser cutter and hand assemble each card.  Most of my cards still have a scrapbook basis, but I am also experimenting with designing the card, color laser printing the paper and then creating the 3D design. 

My husband calls my works scrapbooking on steroids.  I call it therapeutic fun! 

Kay Evans 2



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