January 2020 2D Featured Artist Norman Cannon

Norman Cannon, an enthusiast of photography since holding the family camera in his teens, has spent a lifetime capturing those "ah-ha" moments. While life (including family, work, becoming a bridge Life Master) interfered, he always held a special place in his heart for those hard-to-describe moments in nature which defined a moment: a movement, a pose, an action.

 Since moving to Florida in 1995, he has found his camera finger itching for capturing the local scene. With an eclectic eye, he operates on the premise "if it looks good, shoot it" -- and shoot it again. Photoshopping is not his style as he believes nature should be captured in its ultimate reality: the beauty, the unusual, even the defective.

 Norman has been jury selected for the Cape Coral Arts Festivals and the Estero Arts Festival; additionally, he is featured in area venues and will be in the Cape Gallery in Cape Coral in January, 2020.     




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