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I specialize in cold fusion jewelry. 
Simply put, cold fusion jewelry connects metal and gem components without using heat. But my designs take this a step further – I’m a wire wrapping purist.
What does that even mean?
Translation: no glue, no heat, no soldering, no fabrication or smithing of any kind

Cold fusion wire wrapped faceted gemstones in process
Every single piece is held fully in place by wire in its original form. There might also be some blood, sweat and tears, but I digress...
Cold fusion wire wrapped thai sapphire and herkimer diamond ring in progress
One of the things I love the most about wire wrapped jewelry is that it’s not really mass producible – at least not in the way that handmade artisans do it. The fundamental nature of wire wrapping is that it is created using hands and hand tools. This gives every single wire wrapped piece a one-of-a-kind standing.
One of a kind cold fusion wire wrapped gemstone pendants

In its purest form, wire wrapping uses mechanical connections as opposed to chemical connections. When metal is heated, it changes chemically by becoming softer and more malleable. Any jewelry made with soldering or any type of silversmith or goldsmith techniques uses chemical connections.

My cold fusion jewelry uses only mechanical connections.

Cockle shell butterfly hand wrapped pendant in progress
Hand wrapped cockle shell butterfly necklace in progress
Butterfly necklace with real cockle shells, Herkimer diamonds and rhodochrosite hand wrapped in 14kt gold fill and Argentium sterling silver
Let’s face it: not using glue or heat or anything but the wire in front of me and my own resourcefulness and creativity definitely presents its challenges. How am I going to get this piece to look the way I want it to look without gluing or sticking melted metal to it?
What is cold fusion hand wrapped stone setting
Ah…therein lies the splendor.  I have to figure it out. I know where I want to go; I just have to determine how to get there. To me, few experiences are as supremely satisfying as actually getting there.
Cold fusion wire wrapped shell jewelry in 14kt gold fill and argentium sterling silver
Me and a spool of wire – together we’re so much more than the sum of our parts.
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