February 3D Artist Shannon Vickers

Cape Coral based artist, Shannon Vickers, has been captivated by lampwork since attending a class in 2008. While single bead pendants and simple jewelry pieces make up much of her work she is particularly interested in small sculptural figures. She enjoys exploring how the glass moves and frequently uses gravity as a tool to pull forms into shape. Her work has appeared in “The Flow” magazine, in the book 100 More Beads, and in gallery shows across the country. She is an avid supporter of Beads of Courage, a children’s charity that uses artist made beads to help children record, tell and own their stories of treatment for serious illnesses. “Lampworking has given me not only an enjoyable pastime, but a way to give back,” she says. “It is my greatest aggravation and fondest passion. I hope to learn from it and be challenged by it for years to come.”



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