February 2024 2-D Featured Artist Martha Dodd

Painting has been Martha Dodd's passion and full-time occupation for the past 30 years. She was born and raised in Ohio. After finishing college at Ohio State University, she pursued a career as a physical therapist for racehorses. She now teaches riding and trains dressage horses in Florida. 

Martha resides in Fort Myers, where she works in her home art studio. She enjoys painting people, animals, fantasy and landscapes. “I also paint unique murals, working hand-in-hand with interior decorators, designers and architects,” she explained. 

Her original paintings are created in oils, and occasionally acrylic. She prefers to work on large canvases, and her work is available in local art galleries as well as online from her website at www.followyourartllc.com. She travels the world every year, and often will paint on location. “When I’m not painting, I enjoy horseback riding, and sailing with my husband, Marc,” she said.



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