February 2022 2-D Featured Artist Joseph Tullbane


Joseph Tullbane completed his BA and professional degree in architecture. Although he never actually practiced in his field, the five years of study served as a foundation for a variety of career choices.

“I retired from the military, taught at the collegiate level in the field of international studies and leadership training and still lecture on world politics and economics for cruise ship lines,” he said. “Through all these careers, I continued to explore art as a hobby. Over the years, I have done a fair amount of work in two-dimensional art – exploring pen and ink, pencil, pastels, oils and acrylic mediums.”

In retirement, Joseph began to experiment with watercolor, too. Initially it was for his own personal enjoyment, but later he began to successfully sell his work.

“I am a work in progress as a watercolorist,” he said. “Instead of fighting the instinctual structure that my architectural background instilled in me, I am attempting to use it to develop a more unique and personal watercolor style.”




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