Eli Atack

Eli Atack, who turned 14 in March, was born in El Mirage, AZ, near Phoenix, and was raised in South New Jersey. His family moved to Cape Coral in 2022, just prior to Hurricane Ian. “We definitely got a powerful introduction to life in Southwest Florida,” he said.  His mother and aunt saw the potential in him and gave him a camera for Christmas when he was 11. “I’ve been busy looking for those perfect shots ever since,” said Eli, who especially likes nature photography. “My favorite subjects are burrowing owls, ducks and Florida sunsets. It’s
my goal to take photos of alligators down in the Everglades and to have the opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon to see what my photography skills can capture.”  He will be in the ninth grade next Fall and says his favorite school subjects are history, math, logic and literature. My hobbies, other than photography, are playing a variety of sports. “I applied to become a featured artist at the gallery to see if my work was good enough to be accepted,” he concluded. “It was definitely a welcome email saying the next step was to pick the date for my show.”


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