December 2020 2D Featured Artist Kelly Morrison

Kelly Morrison, artist-member of the gallery, says she has the soul of an artsy hippie chick who hails from Ithaca, New York.  After moving to Cape Coral in 1994, she discovered color. She loves the colorful Florida creatures, the tropical waters and the ever-shining sun, which is where Kelly find the inspiration for her artwork. Her aim is to invite you into her work where your eye will travel around the painting discovering the smaller compositions within it. You’ll see blue, aqua, pink and orange are her favorite colors with a touch of black and white.

From her painted wooden Timber Fish to paintings on canvas and her jewelry line, Kelly’s art is full of color and is designed to make you smile. The fish eyes are one-of-a-kind glass bead lampwork, made using a blowtorch. When viewing her creations, you will see how she layers paints, glazes and textures along with bright colors and whimsical subjects to intrigue and inspire you. Among her many talents, Morrison also does decorative painting and faux finishing. Her work has been shown at many local galleries.



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