December 2018 3-D Featured Artist Terry Gardiner



 I went to College in the 60’s during the NYC Pop Art and Modern Impressionist art years. I studied these movements and followed many artists.

I received a B.A. in Fine Arts,, and incorporated my love of color and structure in Minimalist Industrial design creations that I created, working for many High Tech companies in LA. While living in Venice Ca. in 1980 I painted some watercolor Fantasy works, and had a one man show, at The Small World Art Gallery in Venice. During the show, the curator watched Andy Warhol come in and signed my visitors log with: “best new artist I’ve seen”. That propelled me into the Modern/Pop art scene.

 I came to south Florida and painted Tropical watercolors for years, doing works on Sanibel, Key West and New Orleans. I began selling in shops, giving tourists vacation memories.

 While living and travelling around the south, I found the Carolina’s, where I purchased a summer home. In the midst of Cotton Mills and southern life, I was seeing it’s history first hand, and I started “Southern Sculptures Series”. It’s a way for me to connect with the Carolina’s. I go through old family photo albums, historical documents and folk lore, to find my subjects. Making these sculptures by hand is a labor of love, and there has been a strong emotional response to my work in the Carolina’s which gives me great pleasure, to show the work.






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