Christine Dekkers - Associate Member

Christine Dekkers is best known for her “Great Lines Collections”, which was showcased at the “Art Fusion Gallery, during International Art Basel 2017, Miami. This a unique renaissance style of sculpted plaster and sand combined with egg tempera ,organic stone pigment on wood pallets was innovated in 2017. These collections are done in both monochromatic and compound color.  Plaster paintings were done as early as the Egyptians and egg tempera was used before the 1500’s by Leonardo Da Vinci  and Michael Angelo on pallets before the invention of Oils.  Her “After the Bath II  from this collection won first place in the “Anatomy with Class” contest on Fine Art America.
 She is a multi medium artist ( Oil/Acrylics, Watercolor, Plaster 3-D  sculpted paintings and egg tempera)  Her ideation is usually first conceived in drawing vignettes and then designed digitally. " My vision is to express arts energy, through color or design, an artwork that will create enthusiastic interest to see further. When using color as the energy, I want to make the space come alive and dance. When using design as the energy, there must be elements of movement and intensity." Some of Christine's influences include; Tarkay, Toulouse Lautrec and Vangogh.
Christine has been an artist since 1987 and comes from a family of artists and engineers in varying mediums. She is a former executive for a fortune 500 and completed her studies at Becker College, The Leadership Institute and Thunderbird School of Global Management. 
Her entire collection can also be seen on her website:


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