August 2021 3-D Featured Artist Jeffrey Hammond

Jeffrey Hammond has been associated with the gallery since 2019. His newest work centers around finding creative ways to turn "found" items like glass bottles, pulleys, and washers into something functional, interesting, and beautiful. These lamps are inspired by the ideas of industry and invention and feature glass, copper, brass and cast iron pipe. 

He moved to Cape Coral from upstate New York in 2017 with his wife, Olivia, and two sons. His passion for lamps started as an outlet after a long day of work. After people in his life started to take an interest in his creations, he would often give them as gifts. His professional work was first featured in the Little Falls, NY gallery, Rochette.   

"I am excited to share my new ideas and designs with the public," said Jeffrey. "This latest series showcases new techniques like glass cutting along with updated finishes and unique materials. Each lamp is one-of-a-kind."



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