August 2020 2D Featured Artist Kelly Alexander aka Paintings by Jill

Kelly Alexander Blocks

Kelly Alexander, aka Paintings by Jill, has been painting for over 30 years. She painted for approximately ten years before she took painting courses in college in her thirty’s. “I first started drawing, then painting with oils to create realistic scenes from places I had been to or thought about in my head,” said Alexander. “I used to watch Bob Ross back in the 80’s. It seemed everyone was painting happy little trees back then, too. I soon graduated from that craze, and one day I tried abstract painting. I thought, how hard can that be? It is just throwing paint on a canvas right? Well it is harder than it looks, trust me.  ”Once Alexander started painting abstracts, she fell in love with the medium. “It is mostly what I am doing now. Everyone sees something different in my paintings, and that is what I love about doing them. Alexander also works on commission, creating original pieces made especially for you.

Kelly Alexander Sailboats



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