August 2019 3D Featured Artist Beverly Fox

Bev is passionate about silver-smithing!    Bev moved to Florida from Maine (where she grew up) in 1999 with her husband Bruce.  She attended the Maine College of Art, and enjoyed working in a small studio in the heart of Portland with three other jewelry artists.  That was the start of her 37 years of creating jewelry with silver and rare stones. 

What are “rare” stones?  Stones that come from the earth are naturally “one of a kind” – no two alike.  Fossils are stones that once were living cells such as trees, dinosaurs, sea biscuits and sand dollars to mention a few.  Bev says this material is very exciting and fun to work with! The newest phase in Bev’s work includes natural face stones (unpolished on the top surface).  The natural crystalline structures called drusy can streak through stones or cover the surfaces entirely.  

Bev is enjoys her family at the Harbour View Gallery, where she has been showing her work for years.  The gallery continues to change and evolve with each new artist that joins. “Our customers are great and Its fun to make new friends regularly”, Bev says.

Bev teaches weekly at the Cape Coral Arts Studio and privately in her private studio.  You can view more of Bev’s work on her website, Or the gallery website 

Currently, Bev is working on some holiday pieces which will be sparkly and showy in one way or another.




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