August 2019 2D Featured Artist Alicia Schmidt




Alicia Schmidt is known primarily as a minimalist abstract painter.  She works in deep saturations of color and creates sparsely designed compositions. However, she has explored various subjects through the years.  The human figure has been the most frequently interpreted through different techniques, and incorporating simplicity of form.

In 1976 while visiting the Albright-Knox Gallery in Buffalo, NY, Schmidt’s greatest inspiration came from viewing the work of the Gallery’s Clyfford Still collection. This inspired her understanding of minimal, spatial compositions. Her paintings would evolve from large monolithic shapes, to a line with a few small shapes, then to shaped canvases and, finally to interpreting a subject through simple geometric and organic shapes.


Schmidt received her AA degree from Edison community College in Fort Myers, FL in 1968; she attended Florida State University; received her BFA from Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, FL in 1972; and her MFA from the Instituto Allende in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in 1973.


At Harbour View Gallery Alicia Schmidt will be presenting an exhibit featuring two traditional mediums - reverse painting (on Plexiglas) and pastel. The works are created in contemporary techniques and styles with subjects including flowers, shells and landscapes interpreted in abstracted imagery and intense colors.




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