August 2018 3D Featured Artist Samuel H. Davis

Samuel H. David Wire Sculpture

Worked for family business straight out of High School for period of 21 years until company sold and I semi-retired at age 40. Started American Etched Impressions in 2001, a large-format laser engraving and carving company. There, I worked with various clients and artists on projects ranging from basic engraving of glass, wood, plastic and other textiles. My most notable accomplishment was working with artist Jorge Pardo on an installation art project that was one of 6 featured artists on display in the Guggenheim Museum, New York.Business was sold in 2005 and I semi-retired once again. Eventually, we made the decision to leave our native Ohio and move to Cape Coral, Florida to work as a Pro Services Specialists for Lowe’s Companies. Left employment with Lowes in 2017 to pursue my art full-time and have been doing so ever since.

Samuel H. Davis Wire Sculpture







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