April 2024 2-D Featured Artist Sam Wilson


Sam Wilson is an illustrator, designer, and elementary school art teacher based in Naples, FL. Growing up in Indonesia, he was inspired by the country’s vibrant tropical colors, patterns, and art – themes commonly featured in his work. 

Sam has written and illustrated three children’s books. “Swamp Shop” tells the story of a printing shop that becomes overrun with Floridian wildlife after an employee leaves a door open; “I Wish” chronicles a jellyfish’s quest of self-discovery and “True Colors” describes a chameleon’s journey of self-acceptance, trying to find comfort in his own skin. 

Along with teaching, Sam sells his original artwork, offers custom commission work and creates graphic designs for clients both locally and throughout the United States. For more information about the artist, please visit his website at www.samwilsonart.com or Instagram: @illustratededitz.



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