April 2022 2D Featured Artist Alfonso Segovia


Alfonso Segovia, who hails from Colombia, has had his paintings and sculptures shown on international and national television; in magazines, newspapers and galleries throughout the world including Venice, Italy, Madrid, Spain, Sao Paula, Brazil and Singapore, as well as at businesses and exhibits. His U.S. shows and galleries include those in New York City, Chicago, California, Detroit and Florida 

“I have mastered various techniques and endeavor to capture the serenity, beauty and strength of the sea,” he said. Among his popular works of art are his many pictures depicting exquisite mermaids. Another of his favorite subjects is butterflies, which play a mischievous, almost human role in his paintings. 

“I was born with art deeply rooted in my soul,” Alfonso said. “I’ve been creating art since childhood and my artwork was soon recognized by my teachers and fellow students.” His passion for art has enabled him to utilize color and form to illustrate his universal worldview of reality and fantasy.




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