April and May 2019 3 D Featured Artist Karen Vernon

As a child, my first purchase was a turquoise blue, hobnail ashtray from a farm yard sale.  I've been hooked on all types of glass since that day.  My previous life as an engineer requires that my art be very precise but working in the glass medium has shown me that mold is broken.  I love mixing the colors, textures and shapes of glass that create some of my most favorite pieces.  While each piece doesn't always match the piece in my imagination, it always startles and thrills me and students alike.  I started down this slippery slope from making jewelry from my gem purchases when traveling abroad as well as the countryside. What started as a hobby almost turned into a full time job. 


While participating in a local craft show, I met an artist with the most incredible handmade glass beads.  My next step was an infusion workshop learning the art of lamp work, using a 2000 degree torch and melting glass into my own beads that I incorporated into my own jewelry..


Fused Glass Art utilizes those techniques plus many more to create highly diverse end product Art Pieces. My art classes, "Be the Artist", allow me as an art teacher to assist my novice to advanced students in creating their own personal artworks throughout the Fort Myers area.


I hold a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and a Master's degree in Business Management from Indiana Wesleyan.  After spending 35 years in Indiana, I transferred with my company to Michigan and Maryland for the remainder of my career.  I've been retired and residing in Estero since 2008.  I'm proud of the numerous artists and access to the art training I've completed throughout my life in paradise.




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