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Private Wire Wrapping or Chainmaille Lesson with Heather Rivera

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A private art lesson might be right for you if there is a specific jewelry project you want to make or if you'd like private jewelry design instruction in a comfortable, personalized setting. Perhaps you're at an intermediate level and you're struggling with a particular technique or you'd like to advance your skill set.

Wire Wrapping

  • Beginner Wire Wrapping
    • Essential techniques
    • Understanding wire types
    • Rosary style chains
    • Basic cabochon wrapping
    • Integrating Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, etc
    • Integrating multiple wire gauges into a project
  • Intermediate Wire Wrapping
    • Continuous block weaves
    • Coils
    • Texture pattern weaves
    • Integrating multiple weaves and wire types into a project
  • Advanced Wire Wrapping
    • Using and oxidizing precious metals
    • Small stone setting (small cabs and faceted stones)
      • Channel settings
      • Spiral settings
    • Large stone setting (undrilled cabs and other stones)
      • Single bail settings
      • Double bail settings
      • Incorporating channel and spiral settings into large stone settings


  • Beginner Chainmaille
    • Working with jump rings
    • Understanding metals
    • Using the ORAAT (One-Ring-At-A-Time) method
    • Using the speedweaving method
    • Basic chain types: 1-1-1 through 4-4-4
  • Intermediate/Advanced Chainmaille
    • Understanding and using aspect ratio
    • Japanese weaves, including dodecahedron
    • Persian weaves, including captured crystal
    • European weaves, including 4-in-1 and box chain
    • Byzantine weaves, including tryzantine and byzantine bar
    • Barrel weaves, including triple barrel
    • Industrial chainmaille, including washermaille and oh ring chainmaille
    • Scalemaille

The cost is $60/hr for a private art lesson with Heather Rivera. Material costs will depend upon the nature of your chosen lessons. You may start with as few or as many hours as you'd like.

Sign up online, in person at the gallery, or by calling the gallery at 239.540.5789. Once you've enrolled, Heather will contact you personally to discuss the details of exactly what you'd like to learn and when you'd like to learn it. We will then schedule your first private lesson.


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