Cobalt One of a Kind Fused Glass Screen Bug Lynne Rae Eaton
Lynne Rae Eaton

Cobalt One of a Kind Fused Glass Screen Bug

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Every bug is one of a kind and includes a matching hand folded origami box! Body shapes vary from round to elongated oval around the size of a quarter. Legs and antennae protrude no longer than 1 inch from the body.

The body of the bug is made of cobalt fused glass which is then wrapped in lead came.  Wire is then bent and embellished with solder and soldered onto the bug.  There are two wires on the bottom of the bug that are used to attach to a screen, or you can use bend the two wires outward so the bug can sit on a counter or hang on the side of a pot.

Will ship within 2 days of the order if color is in stock.  If color is out of stock, it will ship within 7-10 days of order.

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