Jeanne Schwerkoske

Jeanne loves to be surrounded by nature. She spends her photography time exploring nature preserves, beaches, and marshlands. She takes her time to look all around her to see unusual birds, colors in the skies or water, and small creatures or flowers. Jeanne likes her audience to be “surrounded” by nature, also. Her photographic prints have a way of making you feel as though you are right there, “surrounded” by the moment.

Jeanne likes to have a mixed gallery of pieces. Exhibiting prints on different surfaces; canvas and metallic canvas wraps, aluminum prints, prints on wood and prints mounted on substrates. These unique finishes give each artistic piece a different look and feel. Jeanne specializes in custom pieces to fit your space. She has an eye for decorating and enjoys working with customers to find an image that will create their desired mood. Whether it is a large, wide empty wall, or an entire home, Jeanne can help beautify your place with bringing nature inside.

Since Jeanne learned photography on film cameras, she still feels the best way to take a good photo is to get the best set up and settings when taking the photo; as opposed to editing it
afterwards. Jeanne converted to digital photography in 2008. She never used a photo editing program until 2012 and took an online 6-week beginner course. This was enough to do some necessary, “dark room” type enhancements. Jeanne still uses Photoshop sparingly and very little editing is done on her photography. She continues to research and learn about the latest in
photography techniques and equipment.

Jeanne grew up loving fine art and enjoying art classes in school. She won awards in different mediums throughout school and tried various forms of art. Photography began as a hobby when she was in high school. Continuing on with art in college, she obtained an Associate Degree in Commercial Art from Davis Business College in Toledo, OH. Jeanne spent her internships working in graphic design and blending in sales and marketing. She realized she liked the combination of creating art, generating marketing solutions, and being social. Jeanne continues these passions as Promotions Director at Harbour View Gallery and Marketing Director of her family business, JMS Real Estate Holdings, LLC. Jeanne has always incorporated her photography into her graphic design and marketing work and she is now thrilled to say that it is her main focus.

Jeanne’s art can be found at Harbour View Gallery in Cape Coral, FL, and Desdemona’s Gallery in Marblehead, OH. Jeanne also decorates many suburban office buildings in Northwest OH with her photographic art.

Jeanne, her husband Jim, and their two cats, reside in Cape Harbour, located in Cape Coral, FL. They also have a home on Catawba Island in OH. They enjoy traveling to Franklin, TN where both of their children and their families live.
Jeanne's Studio
Jeanne's Studio
Jeanne Photographing in Nature
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